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Because I’m a refugee in Australia, I feel the same as fish in an aquarium. Australia is a very beautiful country, with beautiful water… but I would like to swim in my water.’ - Hedar Abadi Read more
I exhibit here 'Migrating: oil on canvas' that tackles alienation and displacement, and I shed light on the issues of our current world… and responding to audience and media queries regarding why I use fish in my recent exhibitions, I am saying that fish… Read more
Tuấn Mami is an interdisciplinary-experimental artist, working with site-specific installation, video, performance and conceptual art, who constantly explores new mediums, means and methods of evolving with reflective questioning, and social research Read more
Everyone is feeling the heat
the long dry
roots of red gums Read more
We gather around the hospital bed in late December 2022 where my Aunty Gail lies, brittle but accepting of the terms on which the cells of her body will soon embark on their mass migration from life to death. Read more
Is it possible to trace the geographic origin of the wood from an old teak bed using DNA-tracking technology typically applied to determine whether timber comes from legal or illegal logging sites in Southeast Asia? Read more
Near the Azores that’s where they arise tropical depressions that wander Read more
a pepper taught me to move through pain
that's a true story.
how do pups have friendlier smiles than their people?
in new york, dogs will still look at you in the face Read more
Leisl wakes. Finds herself standing in the garden in the dead of night – an undead night! She finds herself: standing. Night, but. It is: insanely noisy. There seem, bizarrely, more animals awake now than in the short daylight hours. Is it? Bizarre? Read more