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After Kimberly Brown, 'Making Our Own Way'

It's been ten years
since you walked 

into the forest
eyes smoking

fingers against stone
mushroom pink, bare feet leaving.

Raw scent fills the room
eucalypt, resin, lime

words of paperbark
red bloodwood

sassafras beneath the canopy 
caress my skin the way you

became what you fought for
opening into a dark light

wilder than the tendrils and fronds
city fears buried into soil.

The science inspiring the piece:

There is a wet gully red gum forest just behind my house, and I walked into this space as I often do before I begin writing, breathed deeply, smelling the dank sweetness of the earth, and thought about how alive this space is, and how the subterranean (let’s call it death) and what is visible above (let’s call it life) are not separate things.

Listen to Magdalena read the poem:

Feature image via Tyrrell Photographic Collection, Powerhouse Museum (Public Domain)