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You know, girl, I was just thinking
looking at you there –

All that money pushed your way
shuffling you from island to island
at no notice, no chance to scarf up
your beech-mast sandwiches
and enjoy the odd night boom

They’re at you full-time, aren’t they?
blood samples every time you turn
perving up your whatsit
with the world’s smallest camera
straight to the internet

Babe, you really need to think,
what’s in it for you? All this time
they’re bloody circling, counting
counting counting how many of you
are left? But you’re the only one who counts

Take it from me, sweetie, and go hide
where they’ll never find you again.
Me? I’ve been there, done that, got
the T-shirt. It’s not extinction I mind –
it’s what they do to you on the way…

Originally published in Body Politic (The Cuba Press, Wellington, 2020)