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Bianca Millroy
Bianca Millroy folds her arms and smiles at the camera.

Bianca Millroy is an emerging Australian writer and editor, whose creative work appears in Science Write Now (#8), Visible Ink and Writing Queensland as well as forthcoming publications: Brisbane Bookshops (AndAlso Books, 2023), Ink and Inclusion (UQ, 2023) and FND Stories: Personal and Professional Experiences of Functional Neurological Disorder (Jessica Kinglsey, UK, 2024). Bianca’s unpublished manuscript, ‘The Looming’, was a finalist in the Queensland Literary Awards in 2020. Bianca has edited three novels and four anthologies, including Lighthouse (2020), and Forbidden Doors (2023). She is perilously undertaking her PhD, a creative nonfiction project titled “Caput Nebula: Cognitive conversations on the cutting edge of creativity and neuroscience".