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are consequential





of reality




in story~


diagrams illustrating

a narrative of particle




the problem]


behaviour and interplay

of the subatomic world


//each vertical slice//

a moment of estimation: 

               horizontal axis in space       

vertical axis in time


how elementary 

particles collide


giving voice to 

                the probability 

                of a given process


wavy lines~

force particles bosons


straight lines— 

matter particles fermions


>every line must connect

to at least one vertex<


charged particles 


with their own fields


one possible scene:

electron and positron

annihilate producing

a photon becoming 

a quark/antiquark pair

the antiquark radiates 

a gluon


these epic tales

allegories of transfers

fluctuations and scatterings

               transitions of energy




the very things

we seek to understand


these underlying paths 

                in snapshot


each connection

is meaningful