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Oh the things they did with gelatine

horses hooves and meat stock


eggs in aspic

the bright green peas and perfectly even chopped carrot

the operatic curls of prawns


lubbed into jelly-moulds and curling scrolls



Henri Pontcare picked at his meal 

dipping his beef in chaud-froid

meat jelly with cream

setting gravitational waves

in the aspic of the universe

pushing his fork against the cloudy thickening 

of sauce

wobbling the jelly

listening but not quite hearing the

universal woop



Einstein ate the flesh of beasts

with guilt

heavy in his gut

agar-agar a thin substitute

for animal collagen

algae or Irish moss or tapioca


at a pinch

(always the lateral thinker)

hold the universe together

providing a thick invisible medium 

for waves of gravity

to tremble through


perhaps these vegetarian options could explain

the relatively weak force of gravity

extra dimensions hidden in the vegan version

sucking the force of it

from the hearty meal

of eternity


Vegetable gum 

might just unite

quantum and gravity

strung together on 

string bean theory

a vegan universe hidden amongst the 

pork jelly

Moldovian Piftie



galareta as they say in Poland

the country where


On the Physical Significance of the Riemann Tensor

was published 



a golden age for gelatine

in the cocktail party scheme of things

and Felix A E Pirani

describing the shimmy of a particle


six-count swing

shrimp cocktail aspic


stretch and squish

(technical terms)

as the universe breathes

in more dimensions

than our lungs

might understand



two peas in cold hot sauce collide 

lightless holes

which can’t be measured

except by what is absent

the universal jelly wobbles 

out across one

point three billion years of 

culinary atrocities


think on it

just think on it

a table spread with jelly globes and wobbling loaves

all the colours of the universe


I place a globule of gelatinous savoury meat sauce

on my tongue

and glance up 

to the aspic of the universe

my vast immensity of gut



ruminates on

what my brain 

can never know.