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Thinking of dander, strands of hair bound to brushes,
DNA rich consignments to sewers, dermis-loaded

fingerprints, 5mL aliquots of blood — the odd half litre
banked at Red Cross, nail parings, sweat, snot, 

scabs, aerosols of sneeze and cough, pillow drool,
lost eyelashes, coiffure off-cuts, two placentas, 

the stapes bone surgically removed from my inner ear,
 — and skirting the classificatory conundrum of babies—

all these bits of me excreted, cut-off, discharged, expelled, 
 my code-marked former self, that might now, in aggregate, 

exceed the sum of me, so I’m more without than in,
which might explain, this perdition, my existential crisis.

Feature image via JSTOR