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elbow room, the new condo, unfettered views

bespoke micro climate. smart glass windows


subjugate seasons into year long spring.

analysts war-gamed climate tactics, coded


nanoscale lasers, cauterised carbon price

controls, seeded investment algorithms


with software tricksters — nailed my bonus!

sick holiday perks! Firm’s Caribbean resort’s


next gen immersive VR suites. salute! locheim!

burnt the adrenaline rush in the home gym, hit


on a hot virtual tinder bod, ordered Uber-eats.

— out on New York streets, Lilliputian puppets


scuttle on Westside footpaths, swarm

at metro stops, Ubers in black military chic


prowl, evening traffic gridlocks. storm’s closed fast

— internet’s down, scrap tinder date. plan B


vodkas on ice, living room telescope, cruise

Manhattan’s high rise windows’ smorgasbord


virtual intimacies, a twist of the lens away

insects trapped in the viewer’s ambergris.


city power grid’s crashed. Uber-eats is late —