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Does the Cosmos, then, into which
we dissolve, smack of us?

My greets me   ushers me back to join
Chuck and enter the belly of the burning beast
for today’s date with a photon stream

Chilly here as usual and My asks as usual
Bladder full? and as usual I answer You bet!
(We got this drill down)   I’ve stowed
my bag dropped trousers climbed the table
head on pillow knees propped up feet strapped in
sacrum planted on the carbon slab
Already routine with 21 more to go
until that whirr begins to ease out space-age
armature:   X-rays    *click*

finding the markers those gold balls
the heavy thumping in the walls
and then the whine

With that I slip outside the animal
of my tainted body being blasted now
up     and out     I float
disembodied     ride on waves     Vivaldi’s
Piccolo Concerto  watch my molecules

                                    sixteenth notes

Epigraph: Rainer Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies, The Second Elegy
Translation by this author