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leftover electromagnetic radiation                    micro-moments after the universe emerged           


dressing all space              thermal black body spectrum simmering at 2.725 Kelvin                                        

fluctuations ~ arteries to this story                  Big Bang theory predicts the early universe 


was impetuous             heated              as it expanded              gasses              cooled              


// dense raging //neutrons decaying // breaking down // forming


nucleosynthesis               assembling visible matter               signs of a starting point   


   [        radio telescopes catching noise                        space chattering in the cold      ]


Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson         cleaning the Holmdel Horn Antenna          still 


believing in steady state—smoothed constant density      listening like vessels to the sounds


zzzzzzzzzszzsssszzzzszzzszzzsz zzzzzzzzzssszzzzssssszzzsssszzzzzsssszzzzss   zzzszzzzzsss


not interference or pigeons nesting                  ||              but emanating outside of our galaxy 


Robert H. Dicke, Jim Peebles and David Wilkinson                astrophysicists                 knew


this signature was                     something             immense                 (imagine all of them 


standing there with the weight of the universe on their shoulders        outstaring the past)


            this young cosmos of hydrogen plasma           possibilities          this map


allowing us a key into history               a door              time compass               our futures


into those first few instants                  (and maybe)                 opening up to              


                                 everything                else                before