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We tend to focus
on visual frequencies

but light is more than we see.
It’s a feeling. It touches us

as heat, warms
at the infrared. It burns

if you’re not careful, can fry
your fragile cells to ash.

Light hurts. Lasers cut.
X-rays fly

right through you.
Light is sound

to tune in to,
ceaseless chatter

broadcasting on bands
beyond human ears.

Stars thrum inside
like drums, hum

like the hollows
of guitars — echo

chambers resounding
for millions of years

the deepest,
darkest songs.

Light is a sea, sailing
constantly. Heaven swells

in waves. You are awash
with light always.

Light doesn’t belong
to the day — it rains all night

from a trillion suns.
We sunbathe in starlight.