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I put on my Pink Ladyslipper and comb, with Cat-brier, the Fringe tree. Hey, quillwort! stop tickling my Mouse-ear.

To name is to list is to know; even the Evening Looking Glassignores the Goat’s Rue-ful nods when parsing the Pitcher Plant.

Radford says, true itches need Hat-pins, as Lupines need Gallberry. Ditto, note Bachelor’s buttons go from left to right.

Phoneless, I send a message by Wire grass, saying if you smokeRabbit Tobacco don’t rush into Bedstraw. On transects

you can sow sea-oats while tying parcels with Knotweed,  duck out for Gooseberries, Pearlwort and Beargrass.

If you must, wish on Wood-shamrock,but don’t, oh, don’t make Mockernuts of us.