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Kerri Shying
Kerri stands in front of a busy bookshelf wearing a colour headscarf and smiling at the camera.

Kerri Shying is a poet of Wiradjuri and Chinese family, publishing across many journals and anthologies.

She is the author of a bilingual pocketbook of poems "sing out when you want me",2017, "Elevensies", 2018 and “Knitting Mangrove Roots”2019

Kerri held the Varuna Dr Eric Dark Flagship Fellowship for 2019 for her current collection 'Know Your Country" out now through Puncher and Wattman.

Kerri has been convenor of Write Up for 5 years, a free arts/writing group for people living with disability.

She lives with disability from SLE/Sjogrens and PsA, in Newcastle, NSW with her famous dog Max Spangly. Kerri is nominated for 2020, an activity of the Human Rights Commission, for disability activism in the arts.