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We take our measure of the universe


there must be more than this 

live then die

one life 

metered out 

after another


                          (is that all there is?)


We put our eye to a lens

and light gives us 

moon then planets then stars 

a whisper of the infinite

one galaxy 

metered out 

after another


                          (is that all there is?)


we put our ear to an interferometer

and gravitons

hurl themselves invisibly

at a trembling mirror

held up to space


two black holes collide

awesome destruction

a warping of fabric

long and deep as space

also time

broad enough to clothe the universe 

in four dimensions


the upward inflection

dwarfing the rumble of bombs

the bright alarm of sirens

the cry of a child

the sigh

I look into my own imperfect mirror

                          (is this all there is?)

judging harshly


one day we’ll ask

                          (is that all there is?)

now we are busy

polishing mirrors to hang out in space.


the planet shouts 

too loud

to hear the universe whisper



lean close

past the din of terrestrial differences

financial constraints


                          (that’s not all

                          there is)