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I am waiting        in three time zones 

               for an embryo to pass muster 

clearance on a womb 

legal           not in a region of conflict 

and payment to go through to their broker  

rubbing my sore hip        my one 

shoulder    sat      like a step 

                      lower than my signing hand         I know 


of the polished-arse pinned-back-eared 

break my nose with a hammer and make me pretty


would pick me 

in the catalogue  

hear them tiptoe 

plink plink       amid the faults  

their baby can't possess 

when genetics come 99% assured      they lose sleep 

on the one percent of risk

nobody wants 

a bad investment                   and 

you weren't       born 

      to be  

an inspiration 

we are peering at six cells 

                   looking for the shame