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Driving the island’s coast road

you begin your earth science love speak

saying, look at that beautiful folding and tilting

 where rocks have pushed with force into other rocks


Craggy edges structurally altered

plain for all to see, weathering into new landforms

elements over time wearing and washing away

you say some things are harder than others


Silt will weather and erode long before the quartz and iron

cemented compacted and strongly jointed

in surrender to the other

in the slumping of gravity and the deposition of this new form

as I become sediment to your sediment  


Folding and tilting

transforming into what may endure the water and wind

of our joining lives, as rocks become rocks

in turn you yield then I yield then weight and gravity push

past into soft mud, silt, sand and altered stones

as I become shale to your shale


Cross bedded weaving and wonder

will I cede into sleep

in this west coast town

as I become clay to your clay