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In the first image, a woman looks at sheep in the park. In the second image, she is closer and realises they are rocks. She says, "Oh, I was so sure these were sheep."
Image 1: She sits on the rock, while the words say "I have quite a talent for misconception." Image 2: She rides a sheep, wearing a cowgirl outfit, saying "yeehaw", and the text says "which can be a delight to indulge". Image 3: She holds tweezers close to one of the rocks, looking closely.  Copy says: "But it also means reality testing is important". Image 4: Tweezer holds one small rock, surrounded by others. Copy says: I often need to seprate out: How I feel in my body, mind and spirit. What is unknown.  What is or has happened that can be tested empircally or via consensus. What I make something mean.
Woman holds a phone, and out of the phone a girl dressed in hippy clothing says "Trust yourself, babe". The writing then says, "It's popular in some of the online patches I'm tangled in, to myopically value feelings, instuitions, sensations and vibes. But uncritically trusting myself doesn't seem like the best idea." Then another image below shows the same woman looking confused, surrounded by a grey cloud that has words like "Trauma", "Denial" and "Peer Pressure".