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after W.S. Merwin

Listen as the doctor tells us we are not autistic

but depressed or a borderline personality we are saying yes

before megalithic medical power we are saying yes as the specialist

puts us on medication for schizophrenics

we are saying yes as the headmaster tells us our children

are not disabled enough for teacher’s aides we are saying

yes to the college exam board that says shorter sessions

and headphones are not reasonable adjustments yes

to the pittance from the suspect employer

yes to the fundraisers and the credit cards

yes to the telemarketer and his solar panels we are saying

yes to the dysfunctional friend who wants all our time and yes

to the homeless man who knows which house we live in

yes to the online catfishers and the predatory dates yes

to the masseuse who touches us too far and yes

to the man who just needs a bit of help

to get on his feet and yes we will go to his house

and yes we will hold him and yes

we are soft-bodied and agreeable

perilous though it is