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Footsteps of giant creatures cross the ancient mud

A thousand paw prints caught in pitted sandstone

run along the shore, fill as rock pools at high tide


The Goolarabaroo sing the trail of a Marrala Man

A great emu races by, shedding feathers from his tail

Leaves fern-like patterns pressed into rock


Their lives are linked to Greater cycles, moving stars

Seven Sisters Dreaming spans the sky to Uluru

moves further east as far as ‘sunrise country’


Today the white men have come to take the inside

out of our country. Search in places far deeper

then the Snake man shaping the land long ago


Woodside have found gas under the ocean

offer leases, promise wealth to the shrinking tribes

to young men drifting to towns down south


The people make a stand on different grounds

one group against the other. Some welcome change

new ideas, share the white man’s dreams


Others know the land is not theirs to give. Hold to

the natural law. Traditional men fear the talk

of pipelines, jetties, a gas hub along the Bay


For centuries they walk the Lurrujarri Dreaming

sing the songlines along the coastal plain. Follow

the seasons on ‘the land where the sun goes down


Back from the dunes, shell middens lie bleached

and massed. Spear heads, grinding tools left

unguarded, testify to years of Ceremony


They watch for whales calving off the cliff

trap dugongs in channels on the turquoise reef

feasting on turtle eggs laid under warm sand


Their footsteps tread lightly on Country. Swept

by wind and tide, they leave no sign of possession

their imprint easily lost to the weight of change


A swinging ball is no match for memories stored

in sand, sacred stories stretching to Walmadany

Their hero spirit looks down, guards the Point


his ochre cliffs hold fire from a falling sun. Belief

lies deeper than the promise of riches. Invisible gas

captured off-shore, flowing under a darkening sea.