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It is a bit of a lark 
That the best way to discover 
Dark matter 
Lurking everywhere 
Is by the flicker 
When it hits ordinary matter 
In a radiation resistant chamber 
Deep underground 
In Stawell, Victoria 
Does it mean anything 
To think  
To act 
Like a troglodyte 
Jules Verne would agree 
Subterranean adventures
Can loosen the grasp 
We have on our surface existence 
Our orbit  
A halo that glitters 
Less in December 
More in June 
Calibrated by 
Wielding a SABRE 
In a kilometre-deep hole 

The science inspiring the piece:

Standing under the brilliant night skies of Central Australia as a startalker in the 2000s left more questions than I could ever give to the well-dressed diners sharing the glittering view. The dark spaces between were difficult to explain and maybe only slightly less over the decades since watching the moon rise over Uluru.   

I remember reading something like this back in 2022, 'Laboratory to study dark matter opens 1km under Australian town – with no bananas allowed' via The Guardian, and being intrigued at how scientists seemed to be going conversely into the centre of our small rock of existence searching for this "cosmic ghost".  

See The Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory.